Diverge-converge cycles in LLMs

The Double Diamond is, roughly, a design framework consisting of 4 steps:

  1. Diverging on problem (Discover). Explore widely to gather a broad range of insights and challenges related to the problem.
  2. Converging on problem (Define). Analyze and synthesize the gathered insights to define a clear and specific problem statement.
  3. Diverging on solution (Develop). Brainstorm and generate a diverse array of possible solutions for the identified problem.
  4. Converging on solution (Deliver). Evaluate and refine the proposed solutions to select the most effective and viable one.

Double Diamond illustration

You can prompt an LLM to go through these steps to solve a very briefly formulated problem. This potentially increases the quality of solutions, but more importantly, makes the decision process very explicit and human-interpretable.

For the divergent steps, I set a higher value for the temperature parameter, which should make the sample more diverse.

I am generally a very convergent thinker, so seeing the diverging steps laid out explicitly really expands the set of options I even consider.

I'd love to see an eval of this compared to a simple Chain-of-thought prompt.