I make technology, usually taking a quantitative & systems view. People usually come to me for structured thinking on a wide range of topics from startups and technology to living a good life.

This website collects my writings, mostly a raw stream of working notes. Some may be wrong, and these will have little context, but I believe sharing raw thoughts is valuable in a way that polished blog posts are not.

Professionally, I'm VP Product Engineering at Pactum. My background is mostly in AI, engineering, and product management at startups (e.g. we raised $26M and then made a hard pivot with NFTPort), and I've taken lots of side tracks: organized meetups, given talks, advised founders, published open-source, and much more.

I am based in Tallinn, Estonia.

To talk, get in touch at taivo@pungas.ee. If you're considering me as a speaker, you may be interested in this list of talks I have given.