Office 365 copilot is extremely impressive

Microsoft recently held an event where they announced the "Office 365 Copilot". It was extremely impressive to me, to the extent that (when this launches) I will consider switching from Google's work suite to Microsoft's.

Why is this announcement so impressive? In one word, integration. Pretty much every Office app can refer to documents, contacts, emails, etc across the whole Office suite, and easily use this as context when prompting the Copilot. This is also very hard to reproduce for competitors (especially startups) because it requires deep integration and data indexing across all tools you use. In my case, Superhuman, Notion, Obsidian, Workflowy, GSheets, GDocs, GSlides, etc would all need to work together. Microsoft is calling their solution to this the Microsoft Graph -- I think the groundwork on that actually enables the impressive cross-compatibility of all those apps.

Obviously, this is a huge strategic advantage. If you'er using the Office ecosystem e.g. only for Word, then now you have a very strong incentive to also switch over every other tool from whatever you were using before, to Microsoft's universe. Kind of like the Apple experience: it all just works together well.