Recent LLM launches, and LLM rumors

Llama 3 is already training according to Zuck. There are conflicting sources & rumors, and the release date claims vary across all of 2024.

For GPT-5 there are even no reliable rumors; if training started within the past few months then my back of napkin is that it may be launched early 2025, because OpenAI has ~2 year major version cycle; GPT-4 launched early 2023.

Mixtral, released in Dec’23, is supposed to beat GPT-3.5 Turbo, Claude-2.1, Gemini Pro, and Llama 2 70B. I haven't tried it.

Regarding other notable models, the LLM Leaderboard has tons of fine-tunes. Note that Qwen-72B (Released Dec’23) and Yi (Nov’23) based fine-tunes are at the top.