Cause variance

Cause variance

How do you end up with an outlier success? I guess the common advice would be to "leave your comfort zone".

That's hard to do. In the comfort zone, everything makes sense. Things work. Clients are using the product. You might even be growing slightly. It would be stupid to mess with something that works, right?

But to get to an outlier success, you need variance. If things are okay now, and not changing much, they cannot be amazing in the future. So you need to cause variance.

Change is scary. It may be a step towards the top, but it might also destroy all the good work you've done so far. Intuitively, humans experience diminishing marginal returns from money, and possibly also success. That makes change so much scarier, the higher up you are already.

It's the most exciting and most taxing part of an early stage startup.